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Canopy Printing

Specifications Details
Canopy Size 3'x3'x7, 4'x4'x7', 6'x6'x7''
Canopy Print Type Multicolor Printing
Canopy Material Normal Flex & Flex with canvas
Canopy Min. Quantity As per client requirment
Delivery Period 2-3 Days ( Fast delivery also available )

Product Description

Printfly is a renowned producer and printers of business or promotional tents, canopies as an important tool of outdoor advertisement for companies commercial advertisements. Printfly also provides printed canopies for display and promotion of company products and services. Printfly designed and printed canopies draws immediate targeted audience attention. Printfly customized printed canopies are heavy duty, with steel or aluminum frame work which are long lasting and use to assemble and available in different sizes.

Printfly prints Customized Promotional Kiosk Tents or Canopies that are the most widely used canopies by companies used for outdoor advertising and product or service promotion. They are of high quality material with advanced technology, and are in various sizes.

1. They are 100% water Proof.
2. Easy to assemble and install
3. Long lasting, strong attachment and joints of frame,
It is used in heavy, medium and light industries product or service as well as academic promotion largely.

Printfly also prints Customised Promotional Tents or Canopies those are in large demands of corporate sector for their marketing promotional work. This provides a small cabin like structure for the executive inside the canopy. These are in various sizes.

1. They are easy to carry and fold
2. They are very elegant looking
It is used in hotels, stadiums or International or national events, Offices,

Printfly prints Customized Demonstration Canopies that are used for demonstration purpose of a product, services or a brand only. It carries a single business banner promoting a single item,

1. These have balanced or sturdy stands in frame work
2. Very attractive single brand display,
3. it is available in various sizes.
In addition, Printfly prints and produces Customised Road Show canopies, Promotional Folding Stalls canopies, Company Display Stalls canopies, Commercial canopies, and Kiosk advertising tent canopies. With Customized Canopies.


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