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A case study for Logo Designing


Recently, the Aditya Birla Group updated their logo as their new corporate mark. This group has expanded in an unbelievable rate in business turnover, area of business transactions, in house manpower of multiple nationalities with a reduced average age and huge increase in female work force.

This new logo shows all these remarkable growth factors in the corporate with a very prominent place for the initial letter of Aditya Birla, a name that induces faith and confidence in the corporate.

This logo designates SUN, the synonym of Aditya. The SUN in form of Aditya Birla is the source of Energy to everyone in the corporate house. With this it shows the integrity, quality, performance, perfection and character of this corporate house. The outgoing beams denote the outgoing vibrant energy and growth showing multifaceted talent and activity of this group. This also shows the radiation of HOPE, OPTIMISM and VALUES.

The old logo also was based on SUN, but the beams radiating from the Sun was limited within an area, semi circular in shape. This somehow blunted the corporate program and limited the expansion. Now the SUN is in Prismatic shape with pointed, sharp peaks showing clarity, determination and strength. The pointed peak is now over the Semi circular shape, exhibiting a dominating driving force taking the corporate group ahead.

Design has to change with time without interrupting with the values and moral of the brand. Change is INEVITABLE. Without change, a brand slowly dies.

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