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Cotton Fabric T-Shirt Printing


Cotton is a natural fiber, a botanical product, soft, fluffy, staple fiber, white in color, that grows in a plant. These fibers are almost full cellulose. It is from a shrub quality plant growing in tropical and sub tropical regions.

These cotton fibers are spun into yarn or thread and these fibers are woven i9n a soft, breathable textile. These cotton fibers are of many types and qualities. It is grown in almost entire world. The best quality cotton is from Egypt in Africa.

Cotton is the most widely used textile fibers in the world. It is said to be the most comfortable textile, worn by humans from ancient times. The texture of the cotton textiles is soft, smooth and comfortable to the touch of skin. The cotton fiber wrinkles easily and shrinks on washing in water with soap or detergent. The cotton fiber can be very easily dyed in color pigments and retains the color for some time, though it fades gradually. Cotton is not a textile with long life as it tears easily. In spite of all draw backs, Cotton is the most popular textile of today because of its comfort and class.

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