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Cotton Polyester Fabric T-Shirt Printing


Cotton Polyester printed T-Shirts are specifying a particular type of blended fabric material. This material has a mixture of cotton and polyester fibers in different ratios.

This ratio may vary from 50% to 80% cotton, rest polyester fibers. This blend fabric is popularly known as Cotton Polyester blend and the T-Shirts in this fabric material gives best results in printing on to the T-Shirts.

The printings on to the T-Shirts made of Cotton Polyester fabric shows highest amount of brightness, clarity and color display. Maximum number of printing technologies are applicable very comfortable on cotton polyester fabric. So printed T-Shirts give the best display in cotton polyester fabric T-Shirts, This fabric material is very versatile. So all types of neck designs are easily made available in this cotton polyester blended printed T-shirts. V-necks, Round Necks, Polo Neck, U-Necks, T-Shirts for both the genders are freely available in these cotton Polyester printed T-Shirts.

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