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Difference Between Business Card & Visiting Card


Business Cards
Business Cards are those cards that bear the business information about a company or an individual, this card is strictly for use in business visit purpose. These cards are shared or delivered during business meetings as formal introduction of the person attending the meeting or arrived for a business meeting to transact business.

A business card typically includes-
The Person’s Name,
The Company’s name,
The Business affiliations,
The Logo of the Company,

Complete information of Business contact, Such as, office phone number, office location, fax nos, and company’s social media details.

Traditionally, these business cards are in Ivory White or off white color, unless the company has a specific color code, and follows the graphics of the business house or the company the person belongs to.

Visiting Cards
Visiting cards are an instrument of personal introduction. These cards strictly give the personal profile of the visitor, where no information regarding his business is mentioned. This visiting card is often used as an announcement of the visitors’ arrival. This arrival relates to a strict personal visit. It is also called a Calling Card.

A Visiting card typically includes- Name of the Visitor
His /Her personal Details, Such as, his/her residential address, personal contact numbers, details of personal social sites, face book, twitter, whats app blog numbers and other relevant details.
These visiting cards are personalized as far as design and printing is concerned and is often as per personal choice of the card holder person.

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