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Branding is a process that creates a unique name and image for a product, company, service, or any commercial activity of that kind in consumer’s mind and the society with a consistent theme.
Branding targets to establish a significant and different permanent presence in the market that wins and retains the loyalty of consumers and market.
Branding is only considered successful when the company’s or the product’s name becomes a house hold name and develop a loyal customer base.
Branding is the most important activity for a company or a product because survival of the company infrastructure depends on the success of branding.
Branding involves a set of Marketing and Communication activities that help to distinguish a company or a product from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.
Branding involves components like Brand Identity, Brand Logo, Brand trademark and branding strategies. These strategies mean Indoor and Outdoor branding of the company and the product by using various methods.

Advertising is a promotional program for a product to promote its sale. It is a temporary activity that changes from time to time.
Active advertising of anything is a pushing strategy, a tactic to force or push sales of products or service. It conveys messages to promote sales, overcoming their competitors. It pushes special offers to customers, lures them into buying the product.
Advertising is completely seasonal, temporary and keeps on changing as per company’s requirements.
Advertising is product or service based and is a sales promotion tool and tactic.

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