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Glow Sign Board & Backlit Board

Glow Sign Boards & Backlit Board

Glow Sign boards
Glow Sign boards are bill boards that glows because of luminance. These Glow sign Boards are made of Neon, Acrylic, PVC, Flex, Polycarbonate and other materials.
These Glow Sign Boards are very useful in spots like Quick turn areas, Accident Prone Areas, Dark Zones, Lane Merging Zones and Center Verge on Highways. Whenever High Beam Lights are focused on these boards, some amount of light are reflected back, some amount of light is absorbed and the boards glow due to either this reflected light or with the energy of absorbed light for some time even after the focus is turned away.
Glow Sign boards are such bill boards that glows only when the light is focused on it.

Backlit Boards
Backlit sign boards are those billboards that have the illumination source in the back of the display.
These displays can be on Acrylic 3D letters. LED letters, PVC, Flex, Star Flex, or Backlit Flex. Any material that allows light to pass through can be used for a Backlit Signboard. The light is fitted behind the display and the Display glows when the light in the back is turned on. This Backlit glow makes the sign board very impressive in darkness and gives a clear visibility even from a distance, even in unfair weather conditions like fog and rain.
This Backlit sign board will glow as long as the light in the back of the bill board is kept on.

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