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Mono and Logo


Logo is a symbol or emblem [a special mark or design] that acts as a trademark or an identification symbol of an organization, company, business house, institution, or any such entity. The Logo is generally a permanent registered design that can only be changed after completion of required legal and corporate constitutional process and approval.

A mono or a monogram is generally a picture drawn in line. It can be called an outer sketch for anything before applying shades or colors. A monogram can also be a sentence, a verse of poetry, a design composed of letters, drawings, simple or intertwined. A Monogram can also be used as an identification mark for an institution, organization or a company, but it is never a permanent structure and does not have any legal or constitutional liabilities. A monogram can be changed at will and is generally used for promotional activity of a brand, service or a product. A mono can be the initial of any name used on ornaments, family possessions, vehicles as a mark of identification.
Many times a monogram is used as logo but a logo can never be used as a monogram.

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