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Printfly now prints Front Gumming Vinyl printing for business displays

Printfly now prints Front Gumming Vinyl printing for business displays.

Indore (M.P.) INDIA, April 2018.
Printfly now steps into the latest version of vinyl printing, the Front Gumming Vinyl Printing for business displays.

The Front Gumming Vinyl Printing is the technique, in which the gumming on the vinyl is done on the front surface of the vinyl, where the printing has been done. So the vinyl is pasted on the same side the printing is. This method allows the vinyl to be pasted on any transparent surface, glass being the most common one. This allows the vinyl to be displayed for a longer period of time, maintaining its brilliance, without being harmed from weather, sun, heat, rain or any external tampering.

This technique of vinyl printing is very effective for brand and product displays on showcases, glass windows, cars and vehicles windshields and in such mediums of displays. The printing is done in multicolor, digital printing on customized size of vinyl sheet.

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