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Importance of Infographics


The resume prepared by Mr. Sumukh Mehta of Bengaluru that impressed Mr. Che Kurrien so much that he hired him for the London Office of Gentlemen’s quarterly directly, without conducting any interview. Mr. Sumukh Mehta prepared a resume that looked exactly like a GQ magazine. The resume was of 20 pages and he recorded every detail minutely, listing down all his skills and accomplishments creatively.

Mr. Sumukh Mehta started this practice of using info-graphics to convert boring resumes into interesting and impactful ones. He already made about 160 info graphics resumes for B-School graduates. He showed that Graphics play a very important role in making someone understand the subject more easily and interestingly than information alone.

He also showed that resumes should be targeted to the employer. Use of exclusive design targeting the employer makes a positive impact and is very impressive. He designed his resume for GQ as a GQ magazine. His every detail in the resume was with a related Graphics including photographs. He very much customized and personalized the resume to such an extent that the employer did not feel the need to take a personal interview. The resume did the job for him.

These are the tips for preparing a resume in highly presentable manner.

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