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Jersey Fabric T-Shirt Printing

Jersey is a knit fabric used by manufacturers for clothing manufacture. This fabric was originally made of wool and synthetic fibers. Now it is also made of cotton.

This fabric is very stretchy single knitting. It is also very light weight yarn. This fabric is ideal in making T-Shirts. Jersey can be made double knit also but it will have less stretch. This fabric is ideal for making drapes. The most preferred fabric for women’s top is Jersey cotton.

Jersey fabrics are soft to touch. It is a very light wear and it stretches a lot, especially single knitted Jersey. This fabric is a good insulator of heat and is very comfortable in both summer and winter. This fabric should be preferably washed in cold water to maintain its colors and to make it last long. Jersey T Shirts are available in both short and long sleeved versions. This T-Shirts are worn like pull over.

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