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Logo Designing Tips by a Fellow Designer


Logo designing is a real head ache job. A Logo is not simply a game of colors or lines. A Logo is a brand Identity. Even an illiterate person, who cannot read the brand name, can identify the brand by looking at the Logo. It is a serious business.

Designing a Logo needs focused thinking. A clear concept of the brand must be understood first. One must understand what message the brand wants to convey. Then the designer needs planning taking into consideration the available inputs.

How to Design A Logo: The Do’s
1. The Logo must be Simple. It should display the concept of the brand and the designer’s presentation skill. Look At Nike Logo.
2. The Logo must be Appealing. It should be flexible and dynamic. It must reach to all groups of audience. See Sabayon Logo.
3. The Logo must be Versatile. It must be equal everywhere, not good on someplace and bad on someplace. A Logo is a design, not bundle of colors. A Good Design looks good even in Black and White. Look at Apple Logo.
4. The Logo must be Unique. Logos must not be copied. It must give the message the brand wants to give. It must be identifiable.
5. The Logo tells the story of the Brand. The Logo must be such that it says everything about the brand. The Logo must be sufficient to know every detail of the brand.

Design A Logo? The Don’ts
1. Do Not Overlook the Importance of Colors in the Logo. Every color has a meaning. Misuse of color in a wrong place kills the Logo.
2. Do Not Become Over Creative. Always remember, A Simple Logo is the Best Logo. Simple, Identifiable and Associated with the Brand are the qualities of a good Logo.
3. Be Simple In Typography also. Every Logo must have a custom lettering as the letters are an integral part of the Logo. They are also equally identifiable with the design of the Logo.
4. Create SMART Logo. The Logo must be liked, worth watching, telling brand story. Make sure the Logo is not LOUD.
5. Create DIFFERENT Logo. Avoid designs that are current in the trend. One has to think different to be successful. Simple, Creative yet Different.

Logo Designing, A Matter to Think About
A Logo is a Concept, A Symbol, A Graphic Element representing the main features of the Brand. Logo is the modern name of Emblems carried by rulers of old times, their states, their royalties, their flags. It showed power, so does a Logo. Logo is the Power of the Brand.

1. A Logo must be usable in all Medias. A modern Logo is used in print, a site, a banner, on business cards, on Apparels in a very high resolution. It should look same everywhere.
2. The Logo must be Memorable. The Logo should be easily remembered. The color, the shape, the concept, everything shouldbe easy to understand and easy in the memory.
3. The Logo should explain the need of the Logo, the Target Audience, and the purpose of the Logo. These must be crystal clear.
4. Logos must be Timeless. In spite of the versatility, the Logo must be everlasting without any change in design, shape, style of the Logo, over any period of time.
5. Logos must be equally good in Color and Black and White. This is thumb rule to simplicity. Color does not make any difference to the Quality of Logo,
6. The Logo must be Impressive. An Impressive, Attractive Logo draws clients to the Brand. A Logo creates the impression of a Brand.
7. Simplicity makes the Logo Best. Simpler, the better, the impressive, the memorable, the glamorous, the seductive Logo.

Logo Design Types
1. Emblem Type. This incorporates the companies’ name within the Logo.
2. Representation Type An Image is used as a pictorial representation of the company.
3. Timeless Designs, This Logo never changes style, shape or design even after being versatile.
4. Classic Designs This is also a Timeless Logo but these Logos never have the need to change because of its adaptability.

Designing a Timeless or Classic Logo
1. Understand the Attitude, Message of the Company clearly.
2. Take into consideration Adaptability of the Design.
3. Never focus on the type of Industry the Logo is designed for.
4. Consider trends for a design
5. Have natural styles.

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