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Mactec Life Science Logo Then & Now


Indore (M.P.) INDIA, 25th October 2016.
Printfly designed the latest version of company logo of M/S Mactec Life Science, Chandigarh, and has made some significant changes in the design of the company logo in accordance with the company’s profile and the company’s specialties in product mix.

In the present Logo, Printfly has highlighted the movement of Orthopedic segments. The initial letter “M” of the company’s name is so projected that it denotes healthy, joined, smoothly functioning, normal bones and joints in a human body. The company, M/S Mactec, has special orthopedic product segment useful in curing and relieving bones, joints, muscles ailments and discomforts, providing cure and relief to the suffering person. This Logo depicts healthy musculoskeletal system of a human body that is brought by M/S Mactec products to the ailing.

Previous logo failed to project this. It somehow was a projection of broken, nonfunctioning bones or joints that symbolized pain and sufferings. It was a negative projection bringing a negative result. The previous color scheme of Chocolate and light Green shade was an utter mismatch that did not synchronize with the theme and concept of M/S Mactec. Now, the color scheme is changed to dark blue and black, giving dignity and professional seriousness to the company logo and the name.

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