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Matte Fabric T-Shirt Printing


Printed Sports T-Shirts are in great demand today as almost all sports forms are using Printed T-shirts for their players, both men and women. Garment and cloth jerseys are out of fashion now due to many of their draw backs.

Printed T-Shirts are custom designed for every sports form. These Sports T-Shirts are made of extra absorbent cotton and are very comfortable to wear even in extremely hot or humid conditions. These Printed T-Shirts display the team’s name, Logo and the player’s name both in the front and back of T-Shirts making it very easy to recognize the team and player in action. The super absorbent cotton fabric of T-Shirt helps in absorbing sweat of the players and makes them play for a longer duration comfortably. The T-Shirts are in multicolor and help maintain player’s body temperature because of its thermal insulation properties.

Every sport has a specialized design for their T-Shirts, both for men and women players. Base ball, Polo, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, etc, practically all such sports played in warm, humid or cold conditions need cozy, comfortable printed T-Shirts in long or short sleeved types.

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