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Polyester Fabric T-Shirt Printing


Polyester fabric is a category of Polymer fibers. These are completely synthetic in nature. The fabrics woven from polyester fibers are used extensively in apparels.

This fiber can be totally polyester or these are blended with some other quality of fibers like cotton pr natural silk. These fibers are strong, tear resistant and wrinkle free. It has a wonderfully long life and lasts for a very long time without losing any of its color or shine. This fabric is water resistant and retains its texture and color even after repeated hard washings. This polyester fabric does not shrink and looks as good as new after a considerable period of time. Polyester does not breathe; it does not allow air to pass, causing considerable discomfort to the wearer in hot and humid weather. This fabric material is highly inflammable and catches fire very easily. It burns very fast and sticks to the surface after burning. This fabric can be cut also quite easily.

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