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Sandwich Business Card Printing

Specifications Details
Business Card Size 90mm X 52mm
Business Card Print Type Multicolor Printing
Business Card Material 700GSM+
Business Card Min. Quantity 100
Delivery Period 7-10 Days ( Fast delivery also available )

Product Description

Sandwich business cards are latest products in the area of business cards. It is also known as Layered business cards. It is a highest quality business card in which both sides of the card is printed giving full details of the card bearer. But instead of printing both sides of the same card, two different cards are printed and pasted over a base giving it an appearance of a sandwich in Sandwich Business Cards. Usually the color of the base on which the cards are pasted on is different from the color of the cards, so it becomes more visible giving the card a distinct look. This card is more durable, thicker and heavier than routine business cards. The base on which the cards are pasted is called Inserts, that is available in black, blue, dark green, light green, magenta, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow or white for a customized choice. These cards carry more information than usual cards and are eco friendly.

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