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Transfer Paper T-Shirt Printing

Transfer Paper Printing Is also known as Iron-On T-Shirts Transfers. This is to apply creative designs to T-Shirts and other Cotton Fabric. There is a special quality paper called Transfer Paper, available in market.
One has to print the design on this transfer paper, and then transfer the design on to a T-Shirt with the help of a house hold iron.

The fabric of the T-Shirt should be White or Light colored preferably and thick, high quality cotton or cotton polyester blend. These T-shirt transfers can be used on dark color fabrics also.

A house hold iron with an ironing board which is hard, smooth, heat resistant is best for the purpose. A piece of thick cloth is needed to be placed between the ironing surface and the t-Shirt on which the design is transferred to.

The design is on the transfer paper. The design is exactly the mirror image of what is going to be the print on T-Shirt. The design Transfer Paper is to be trimmed as per the design with a pair of scissors. The iron should be heated to the maximum possible temperature. This temperature must be maintained till end of the process.

The T-Shirt on which the design is to be transferred is to be ironed before the design transfer so hard that there should not be any moisture in the fabric and the fabric must be wrinkle free.

The iron on T-Shirt transfer is placed on the warm fabric, design side down and the iron is pressed as hard as possible on the T-Shirt over the design paper. Complete and repeated ironing is done for at least 3 minutes and the transfer is allowed to cool down before removing the paper backing from the transfer. The transfer design is now on the T-shirt. To maintain the print for a long time the fabric should be inside out before washing and washed in cold water.


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